Breaking my long silence to brag on my baby bros band HSU NAMI!

They have made it to the second round on WNYCs BAttle of the Boroughs! They need votes and YouTube views to make it to the final round! Text BK12 to 69866 or vote online here: http://bit.ly/12nkTbe Voting closes Sunday, Feb. 10 at 11:59pm ET. Winner will be announced Monday, Feb. 11 at 12 pm


Hellooooo out there!!

Good GOLLY! LJ is DEAD these days! Whats goin' on guys? Where'd all the people go to? Twitter? Tumblr? I'm so behind the times!

Of course, I haven't exactly been around myself lately, but I've just been swamped with work so it's not as exciting.....to make up for it here are some sketchbook pro doodles I found on my HD, mainly done while waiting for files to transfer...

To prove I have not entirely abandoned my Gryffin gal comic idea, please meet Tansy's Aunt and her Irish wolf hound Grimpus. I was stuck for a name for her until I discovered the AMAZING Mary Henrietta Kingsly in my research...this woman is my new hero!I think I shall christen auntie as Henrietta Buttersworth in her honor.

Also please enjoy a native gal chillaxin'...

animated sass

Portfolmio! :D

LOOKIE! I finally updated my portfolio website!


Much LOVE and THANKS to the ever awesome Amelia for holding my hand through all the scary scary CSS/Javascript stuff..and pretty much coding everything for me LOL!

Now....the scary part...finding work.. ;)
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Hey hey!!

Anyone want an Older Cintiq? XD

It's a used CINTIQ 15X XGA 15" TABLET / MONITOR. It is in good working order and includes all the accessories in the photo, including an adaptor for an Apple Mini display port. I'm trying to save up for one of the big new ones and I need to make room on my desk LOL!

Also, have a Geisha!

I recently got a copy of Liza Dalby's Geisha for supa dupa cheap and I have been LOVING it. It's just fascinating and so informative, but not in a boring text book kind of way ;) That and the fact that Matthew has rediscovered his love of Urushi and is studying to attempt some pieces of his own, has made me realize I really REALLY need to go to Japan. It would be the BEST. TRIP. EVER.
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OFFICE: Hot Dogs

Angel baby!

More color fun with SB Pro! XD

I think I've decided that SB Pro is kind of crap for inking things.... :/ But I did get an update for it today that gave me 2 new brush sets, so I'm excited to play with those! XD

Also, please enjoy some dancing seagulls...

Seagulls Dancing ? brought to you by Free Funny Videos
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COLOR!! And iphone question!

More fooling with Sketchbook Pro.....still trying to get the hang of colorin stuffs too! XD I have to say, though it's probably not the best program for color work, I have been feeling more comfortable playing around with it then I have in say, PS or flash...


I got a text message from Verizon saying I was eligible for an early upgrade from my phone to the SEXY iPhone 4! Matthew, alas, still has to wait until our contract runs out in Aug, but for some reason they are letting my line upgrade now. So now I have the HUGE DILEMMA of Should I or Shouldn't I? I AM SO TORN!!

I suppose I'm afraid I'm going to get burned by switching now only to have a new iPhone come out in Aug....but even if a new one does come out in Aug. theres no guarantee it will be available through Verizon. AND ALSO the new one will probably be G4 with could potentially mean a new weird expensive data plan.

Mainly I really want to switch because my current phone, the Eris, is TERRIBLE OMG. It's sooooo laggy and unreliable and crappy. It's battery life is laughable and it's antenna strength even more so. I HATE it. I'm not even sure it will last me til Aug at this point. So the temptation of the iPhone is even greater!

So for you folks who have the iphone 4 already, I must ask! How do you like it? Is it as sexy as it appears? Does it have a decent battery? Does it lag at all? If I were to get one should I get the 16GB or the 32GB? I can't imagine needing a 32GB phone, but maybe theres something I'm missing,,,,

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Calling all Bird Lovers! XD

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!! Do you LOVE birds and calendars and DOING GOOD THINGS? Well then you are going to LOVE THIS:

My friend (and AWESOME artist/designer/entrepreneur/do gooder) Christine is putting together a calendar to raise money for The Berkshire Bird Paradise. An AWESOME organization that takes care of unreleasable and disabled birds (including our own Winston the one legged pigeon who Christine rescued off the streets of Brooklyn). And if that weren't awesome enough, the calendars are being produced through the NGO, The Tibetan Settlement Office in Dharamsala, India, helping the community there clean up their region and training refugees in viable skills! I don't think it could get more positive, people!

I'm going to create some bird-related art for the calendar, along with the exceptionally talented basalt and other avian friendly artists, and it is going to be AWESOME! So pledge today to reserve your own copy, and if you go all out Christine has offered up some of her own GORGEOUS gilded porcelain skulls over at Beetle and Flor as a special thank you!! XD

And Albi thanks you on behalf of birds EVERYWHERE!
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Hey ladies!!

Good golly I am utterly in love with Sketchbook pro! I just want to doodle in it all day long! Which is a mini miracle really since I've been having the roughest time getting motivated to doodle lately... ;)

I've been thinking (YET AGAIN) of redoing my portfolio site, it is SO OLD, and I'd like to start sending stuff out to some places. The problem is my coding knowledge is circa 2002 and the thought of starting from scratch with code scares the pants off me. I need to keep it simple or I'll never do it. Some folks have mentioned that you can purchase templates some where and customize them to your liking, but so far I've only seen this included with hosting packages, and I've already got my hosting needs taken care of...does anyone know of anyplace where I can just get a template or code or something? this process makes me feel SO OLD OMG!
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THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!! Do I have an oddly shaped head or something? I cannot seem to find a coat where the hood doesn't fall over my face and blind me, making an already miserable day even miserable-er.... The supreme Irony is that for regular hats, my head is apparently OBSCENELY LARGE, because I have the hardest time finding ones I fit into.
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